Paulie's Christmas Crafts

Paulie shared these wonderful Christmas crafts to make with students. She suggests getting small boxes from a bakery to send home all ornaments at once if you make several.  She attaches this poem (that she wrote herself) to each box lid:

Put these precious ornaments
Upon our family Christmas tree.
Each Christmas put them away

To keep them all safe for me!

I'll want them one day
For MY own family tree.
When I am all grown up
For my children to see!

Click here for a printable version

Photos of Finished Products Skill Level Materials/Directions
Easy Candy Cane


red or white chenille stem
red and white pony beads

Use a red or white chenille stem and thread pony beads alternating
red and white. Bend the chenille stem over end beads on both ends
and bend into shape of cane. Teaches patterning ABAB.
Easy Angel

3 small paper doilies
big flat wooden spoon
string beads
artificial flowers

Fold three paper doilies in half. Take a wooden ice cream spoon and
glue string of tiny silver beads around the scoop part only. Fold
one semi circle doily in thirds and wrap it around the bottom of the
spoon and hanging off the bottom of the spoon for the dress and only
gluing the top part.. Take the second one and do likewise but glue this one together so the bottom doily looks like the dress/skirt and this one the top of outfit.

Now take the other doily and glue it straight across the back of everything just below the rounded part of the spoon so it looks like wings. Glue a small -- any color -- ribbon to the back to hang it on tree. Flip it over and add a Christmas bow and maybe some flowers to the front of the gown.

Easy Snowman Spoon


Large white plastic spoon
tootsie roll pop
wiggle eyes
pom-poms -- tiny and small

Take a large white plastic spoon and glue the paper part of a wrapped
tootsie roll pop into the spoon. Leave sucker inside the paper!
Turn over and glue on 2 small wiggly eyes and a tiny red ball for a
nose. (Could also use orange chenille stem piece for nose.)

Take a 1 and half inch by 1 inch rectangle of black felt and
fold in half -- have the long side going east to west when folding.
Trim a small rectangle out of the side to form the hat. See photo.
Before gluing it to the "front" of the spoon, put the red ribbon
hanger on the top of spoon face side and glue. Then cover
with the black hat holding it in place. Add a little bow on spoon and
a couple bigger pompoms for buttons -- any color would be ok for
these. The child can eat the sucker before saving for next year's
tree. It looks cute without the sucker in back. Just gives added
weight. Could add a new sucker every year.
Easy Star


popsicle sticks
small mini clothespin

Look at photo and glue popsicle sticks together in same fashion. Hot glue a mini clothespin to the back to clip onto tree. Could also use craft glue for clothespin if this is finished in more than one day. Cover with lots of glue -- Elmer's is fine --on front side only. Sprinkle with glitter. Shake off and let dry. If it doesn't get perfectly covered, it still looks nice on the tree.
Easy Reindeer Candy Cane


candy cane
brown chenille stem
moveable eyes

Take a candy cane -- any size and any color. Take one brown chenille stem-- cut to size appropriate to the candy cane you are using and twist a small part of another chenille stem to it to form the two antlers -- one on each end of the chenille stem You will have to play with this because the size of antlers depends on size of candy cane used. Wrap around candy cane near the top "hook" for antlers. Add wiggle eyes to sides below the antlers and also a bow around the neck
Harder Wreath

puzzle pieces
"o" shape lightweight cardboard
green paint
sparkly gems

Perhaps you don't know what to do with a jigsaw puzzle once you lose a piece? Just the right solution. . . an oldie but goodie. Start with a die cut lower case "o" out of thin cardboard. Glue a gold ribbon on top of the cardboard in top position. Glue jigsaw pieces around the circle (covering the ends of the ribbon) in three layers, alternating to cover the background cardboard. Spray paint front and back. Sprinkle with glitter. Hang to dry with ribbon hook you glued beneath the puzzle pieces -- refer to photo. You could also dry on waxed paper on flat surface. When green paint is dry, add a few gems or shiny pieces and a red bow. Where you place the bow is optional --
looks good on the left side also. Put it on before the gems.
Harder Rudolph Xmas Ball Reindeer


small amount of tan felt
1 small Christmas ball -- almost any color
2 brown pom-pom balls for ears and one bigger one for under nose
inch wide Christmas ribbon -- about a foot -- experiment.
2 big wiggle eyes
1 small red pom-pom ball for nose
fancy string/crochet thread for hanger

Look at photo and see where to glue the two ears on first -- on either side of the metal on top of Xmas ball. Make a little pattern for the antlers -- looks like two tall fingers and one short finger on either side of that. It doesn't have to be perfect. . . refer to photo. Put the looped crochet thread  tied onto the loop of ball hanger. Glue  antlers on the back of Xmas ball overlapping in back-- o so slightly --and to the back of the two ball ears and over the hanging loop. If you want, add a fancy sequin to one antler -- any color.  Add eyes. Just below the eyes, glue the bigger brown pom-pom and then the little red one on top of that. To make the bow, glue the two ends together to form a big circle. Lie flat and pull together in another row of loops and then make a small loop on the top, each time gluing down. THEN, add it to bottom of ornament under the nose. You could also cut the ribbon and make the three "loops" referring to the photo.
Harder Poinsettia


1 wooden clip clothespin
green paint and brush
red and green felt
3 yellow pom-poms
craft glue

Paint large wooden clip clothespin green the day before so it can dry. Make 10-12 elongated teardrop shape leaves in red felt about 3 inches long. Make two green leaves same way as poinsettia but cut a few "v" snips out of one side only. (See photo) Glue one to each end of clothespin BUT hanging over the ends of wood. Best to put glue on
the clothespin and place the felt on top of that. Glue the petals (red) on in a continuous circle slightly overlapping. Leave small gap of clothespin in a tiny circle as placing the poinsettia leaves. Add three small yellow pom-poms to center. Clip on tree. Name can be on back of clothespin with Sharpie.
Harder Bell


Styrofoam bell shape 
lots of sequins, seed beads and short straight pins in the theme color you choose
one hat pin with the white teardrop "pearl"
one large round pearl bead.

To attach the decorations, thread on a short straight pin first the small bead and then the sequin and stick in place, covering bell. See sample. Cover bottom first and go up. On the very top add a little pearl, the big pearl and a sequin to the pin and stick in the top.. Tie the string to hang it on the top tiny pearl. Refer to photo. HINT:
If you dip the end of the pin into glue before you stick it in, it will hold everything on better.  Add a temporary "name" with a small sticker to the bottom or back.

Snowflake Snowman Face


3 in diameter snowflake that is plastic -- they sell in groups of 3.
Round wood disk or circular from a tree limb
lipstick or rosy powder
ear muff pom-poms -- colored -- 2 for each
Black and Orange Sharpie for drawing details
Nylon tie or string

Tie the string onto snowflake for the loop to hang on tree, Paint the wooden disk white -- both sides. it is optional to leave the sides natural wood. Put a little lipstick or rouge on finger and go in circular motion to make the red cheeks on snowman. Glue the two pom-poms on the sides to look like ear muffs. Put tiny names on back or initials.

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