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Pig (

 Create a set of word cards. Add the pig and stop cards to the pile. Spread all of the cards out on the table. Each child makes a prediction about how many words he thinks he can read before getting a pig or STOP card or missing a word. The child then starts choosing cards and reading the word. If he gets the word correct, he keeps the card. If he misses a word or gets a STOP card, his turn is over. If he gets a pig card, then he must return all of his cards to the pile.

Roll/Say/Keep (

Place a word card on each space of the game board. Students take turns rolling a die. They try to read the word that corresponds to the number they rolled. If they can read the word, they take the word. The teacher replaces the word with a new card. Continue until all cards are gone. The winner is the person with the most cards.


Roll a Snowman (

 Print sight words on cards. Take turns having children pick a card. If a child can read it, he can roll the die and follow the directions on the chart (ex: draw a face, draw a hat). If he does not need that body part, he just loses the turn. First person to complete the snowman wins.




Game Boards (

Use any type of game board (generic ones found online, boards from commercial games, Open Court game boards, etc.). Have the children draw a card and read the word. If they get it correct, they may roll/spin and move. Follow the directions on the game board for special squares. The first person to reach finish is the winner.


Websites for more printable games: (this site is especially helpful for 1st-3rd grade teachers) (MANY board games in lots of themesócould be used for a variety of skills) (excellent reading games and activities--all research based)

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