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Week Theme Centers Shared Reading Centers Work Tasks

Fire Safety

ABC Center:


Dalmatian Count--count the spots on the Dalmatian. Match the numeral on the fire hat to the correct dog.


Writing: My Fire Equipment--identify fire equipment and label.

Art: Pattern Headbands--create/finish an AB pattern using fire equipment. Have children glue pattern to a sentence strip and staple into a headband.

I Like the Rain

(provided by Baltimore County Public Schools)

Art: FIRE finger painting. Provide each child with a flame shape (pre-cut or template for children to trace/cut). Squirt one "blob" of red and one "blob" of yellow on the flame (on opposite sides). Have children finger paint (mixing the colors to create orange).

Writing: Stamp letters in order A-G (upper and lowercase)

ABC: Sort magnetic letters A-G

Math: Ice Cube Sorting (see math center activities page)

Science: Community Helpers Game (see science center activities page)

Technology Integration Lesson  from Baltimore County Public Schools:

Students will fill in the missing vocabulary word to complete the sentence on each slide of the PowerPoint presentation.

Lesson Plan and Materials (search for K and then scroll down)



ABC Center:

Upper/Lowercase Leaf Match...print letters on leaf cut-outs. Children work as a group to match the upper and lower case letters by clipping the matching leaves together with clothespins.


Writing: Floating Down


Torn Paper Tree--provide a brown tree trunk for students to glue to paper (I use blue). Also provide scraps of yellow, red, orange, and brown paper for students to tear or cut into small pieces. Student glue the small pieces onto/under the tree for leaves.


(provided by Baltimore County Public Schools)


Art: Trace/cut out 2 handprints for our class tree.

Writing: Paint name with sponge letters in fall colors.

ABC: Build own or friend's name with Reading Rods (unifix cubes with letters on them)

Math: Teddy Bear Sorting (see math center activities)

Science: Color Paddles--experiment with color mixing (see science center activities)



ABC Center:

Squirrel color word match




Acorn counting--collect acorns and bake them in the oven on the lowest setting for about an hour (to kill any bugs inside). Provide cups labeled with numbers and the acorns. Students fill cups with the correct number of acorns.

Writing: My Fall Book

Art: Paper towel leaves--cut out leaf shapes (you could use the die cut machine) from Bounty paper towels (one per student). Dilute red and yellow paint so that it is very runny. Children use eyedroppers to drop paint onto the leaves. (Reinforces color mixing)


I Went Walking

(provided by Baltimore County Public Schools)


Art: Make binoculars for fall walk (next week). Provide two toilet paper rolls and a string for each child. Children decorate toilet paper rolls and then glue them together side by side. When they are dry, punch a hole on each side and attach the string.

Writing: Stamping--using Lakeshore's Letter Sounds Rubber Stamps children sort the pictures by beginning sounds (m, d, s)

ABC: Match letters using Alphabet Center pocket chart (from Lakeshore)

Math: Sort Attribute blocks

Science: Gobstopper Observation (see science center activities)




ABC Center:

Halloween word building--use letter tiles to spell Halloween words.


ABC Center:

Halloween beginning sounds--Students match letters on bat shapes to pictures on the haunted house.



Halloween eraser graph--I purchased small Halloween erasers from Dollar Tree. I divided them into sets (one set per child). Children sort/count/graph their erasers.


Spider Count--Print spider webs and have children use plastic spiders (Dollar Tree) to create matching sets. 


Numbers 1 to 6  Numbers 5 to 10   Number words

Writing: "When Itchy Witchy Sneezes"--follow up to big book

Art: Marble painting--spider webs


Wax paper ghosts...cut 2 ghosts for each child from wax paper. Child puts one spoonful of colored glue (use food coloring) on one cut out and adds eyes, mouth, and glitter. Then he puts the other ghost on top. Push glue to spread throughout.

The Pumpkin




Play dough:

Match Halloween shapes (cut from play dough) to words.

Writing: Stamp letter next to Open Court picture card.

ABC: Open Court puzzles (see Open Court resources)

Math: Pattern puzzles (see math center activities)

Science: What's heavier--Pumpkins? (see science center activities)













Technology Integration Lesson  from Baltimore County Public Schools:

Students will recognize that letters build words and words build sentences. (Sentence Building)

Lesson Plan and Materials (search for K and then scroll down)


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