Power Points

Dr. Jean Songs

Jack Hartmann Songs

5 Little Monkeys

(converted from book on www.drjean.org )

Keep on Reading

(Shake, Rattle n' Read)

Color Farm Tongue Twisters

(Shake, Rattle n' Read)

The Cool Bear Hunt

(converted from book on www.drjean.org )

I Can Make New Words

(Shake, Rattle n' Read)

Planet Poem Do The Word Stretch

(Shake, Rattle n' Read)


(converted from letter cards on www.drjean.org )

Popcorn Words 1, 2 3 letters

(Hip Hop Alphabop)

Letter Aerobics Hip Hop Humpty

(Hip Hop Alphabop)

Katalina Matalina The Silly Pirate Song

(Hip Hop Alphabop 2)

The Three Boppin' Bears Rap Down in the Jungle

(Hip Hop Alphabop 2)

Hickory Dickory Dock The Add and Subtract Body Parts Song

(Movin' 2 Math)

The Shape Song Count the Sounds

(Shake, Rattle n' Read)

The Numeral Song Family of Words

(Shake, Rattle n' Read)

Compound Boogie Two Letters that Work Together

(Hip Hop Alphabop)

Pepperoni Pizza These are the Vowels

(Hip Hop Alphabop)

I'm a Nut The Three Bears Rap

(Hip Hop Alphabop)

**Three Bears sight word reader**

ABC's Forwards and Backwards Alligator Chomp

(Math All Around Me)

I Know an Old Lady Make New Sounds


My Mother is a Baker Popcorn Words 4, 5, 6 letters

(Hip Hop Alphabop 2) 

5 Little Fish Five Funky Little Monkeys

Peanut Butter

(converted from book on www.drjean.org )

7 Little Letters    
Singing the Word Wall    
Spelling Numbers    
Vowel Cheer    
Who Let the Letters Out?    

In order to avoid giving the artists' music away, I have deleted the song files from these Power Points. However, if you have the songs, it is very easy to reinsert them. Follow the directions at the bottom of this page. If you would like to purchase the songs, you can order the CDs from www.drjean.org or http://www.jackhartmann.com/products_cd.html !

Other Songs

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Many thanks to Denise Harton (aka KinderDee) for sharing this power point that she created.

This power point is really 3 shows in one. The first is the regular story read by Ray Charles (available on an audio tape--check the Scholastic Book Clubs for this). The second two are songs from the same tape. Unless you have a spiffy device for getting the songs from the tape to your computer (Denise uses the Plus Deck 2 cassette drive), you will have to push play on the tape player and the power point at the same time. If you get them to start at the same time, the timings in the shows should work okay.

The Three Pigs Rap     (click here to download this song for FREE)

Down By the Bay (Raffi--Singable Songs Collection--download FREE from Amazon.com)

5 Little Ducks (song from Sing-Along Fun Nursery Rhymes--available at Dollar Tree)

The Wheels on the Bus

5 Green and Speckled Frogs (Raffi--Singable Songs Collection--purchase from Amazon.com)

2 4 6 8

Count by 2's (Lionel and Kizzy--Ice Cream Songs)

(click here to download this song for FREE)

Hip Hop BINGO (Lionel and Kizzy--Ice Cream songs--preview/purchase from www.cdbaby.com)

Alabama ABC (Thursty the Elephant--Time to Read--preview/purchase from www.cdbaby.com)

Old MacDonald's Letter Farm (Twin Sisters--Songs that Teach--Alphabet and Counting--preview/purchase from  http://www.twinsisters.com)

When I Was Young (Twin Sisters--Songs that Teach--Alphabet and Counting--preview/purchase from  http://www.twinsisters.com)

Holiday Songs

Halloween Songs Christmas Songs
Five Little Pumpkins  

(click here to download this song for FREE)

Must Be Santa

(Raffi--Singable Songs Collection--purchase from Amazon.com)

Scary Skeleton 

(click here to download this song for FREE)

Halloween Party  

(click here to download this song for FREE)

Five Ghosts

from Wee Sing Halloween for Halloween

I'm a Pumpkin

from Wee Sing Halloween for Halloween

Halloween is Here Dance

from Wee Sing Halloween for Halloween

The Witch Rides Her Broom

from Wee Sing Halloween for Halloween

Guess Who

from Wee Sing Halloween for Halloween

Halloween is Here

from Wee Sing Halloween for Halloween

Skin and Bones

from Wee Sing Halloween for Halloween



Other Sites


This site has several Dr. Jean power points as well as a few math and poem ones. You will have to insert the song files into these power points as well (see directions below). I also had to rearrange a few of the graphics/text to get everything to fit on my screen but they are very cute presentations.


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Directions for Adding Music to Power Points:

1. Save the song from the CD on your computer (you might already have done this if the song is in My Music)

2. Open the power point to the first slide. 

3. Click on INSERT; go down to MOVIES/SOUNDS and click on SOUNDS FROM FILE 

4. Select the correct song. Make sure it is not in a folder...the track itself needs to be in My Music. 

5. When asked "how do you want the sound to start?", click AUTOMATICALLY. 

6. Next, right click on the sound icon and select CUSTOM ANIMATION. A box will come up on the right side of the screen. It will list all of custom animation on the slide...there will probably be a lot. The song you inserted will be last (at the bottom). 

7. Click and drag your song to the top.  

8. Right click on your song in this box and choose EFFECT OPTIONS. In the middle, it says "stop playing"...choose the button next to AFTER __ SLIDES. Fill in the box with the total number of slides in the slide show. 

9. Click OK. 

Your music should play now when you view the slide show. All of the timing and transitions should still be intact.

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