Ready Readers

Many schools purchased these readers several years ago to be used as part of reading intervention programs. We no longer have the reading program for which we originally purchased these. However, we have resorted the books into guided reading levels and now use them as part of our guided reading program. If you have these available (ours were sitting unused in a storage closet) and wish to level them for guided reading (with either Fountas and Pinnel levels or DRA levels), you can find the level for each book at this site:

If you are interested in purchasing the books you can order them from:

I have created short follow up activities to accompany each story for children to complete independently. 

Level A

Look Closer

Vocabulary worksheet

Level B
Who Made That?

Story Recall/Sight words in context worksheet

page 2

Where Do We Go?

Story Recall worksheet

What Will You Pack?

Word/Picture Match/Sight word Worksheet

What Can Float?

Story Recall/Sight words worksheet

Zebra's Yellow Van

Sight words worksheet

Level C

Eight Friends in All

Number words worksheet

Too High!

Sequencing/Retelling Worksheet

Level D
Yes, I Can!

Alliteration worksheet

Funny Faces and Funny Places

Descriptive words worksheet/Creative Writing worksheet

My Clock is Sick

-ick word family worksheet

-ick Creative Writing worksheet

*these worksheets are from Carl's Corner

Can a Cow Hop?

Story Recall/Inference worksheet


Kangaroo in the Kitchen

 Sequencing/Retelling worksheet

Part 2 of worksheet

As Fast as a Fox

Story Recall worksheet

Jump Right In

Sequencing worksheet

The Little Hen

Story Recall worksheet

Level E
A Fun Place to Eat

Writing worksheet

Mr. Fin's Trip

Story vocabulary worksheet

The Bike That Spike Likes

-ike word family worksheet

-ike family word configurations

*these worksheets are from Carl's Corner

Eyes are Everywhere

Story Comprehension worksheet


Night and Day

Story Recall/Speech Bubbles worksheet

Three Little Pigs and One Big Pig

Dialogue/speech bubbles worksheet

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