Picture Cards       

Card Sets Description
Beginning sound pictures


5 small pictures for each consonant sound (excluding /x/)
Sound segmentation pictures


Designed for segmenting or sound counting activities
Rhyming pictures

12 pairs of rhyming words                                                           
Short vowel pictures


(coming soon)
Long vowel pictures


(coming soon)

ABC Cards

Large alphabet cards (one letter per sheet)--upper and lowercase together. You can easily resize them if you want them smaller. You can also change the color of the letters (they are currently black).

CVC Word/Picture Cards

These cards were created and sent to me by another teacher (if it was you please let me know so I can give you credit!). They have CVC words on the bottom and the corresponding picture at the top. These are also a great resource if you are looking for CVC clip art (just cut/paste from this document to the one you are creating).

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